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Meet Meetnow, a unified communication platform for Startups, and Enterprises

A Website is the basic identity of a product or a service or an individual or an enterprise or just anything else on the Internet. It provides information about the purpose for which the Website is built for and it also provides some mechanisms like contact forms, live chat etc. as a method of inquiry to know more about a specific product or service mentioned in the Website. These methods of inquiry are passive methods where the visitor is contacted back again after a certain time to start a conversation but many of the times the context for which the visitor inquired at the beginning, is lost. This is a loss for the Website owner as a important prospect who may have bought a product or service if the would have have been able to have a instant conversation with the Website owner.

Meetnow exactly solves this problem by enabling your Website visitors to have instant conversation either with you as a Website owner or with your authorized representative. Integrating Meetnow is a very easy thing which won't take more than 30mins of your time. As soon as you signup here, you will get your unique Meetnow link available and accessible on your dashboard. Copy the link using the copy button available there and integrate it into a prominent area of your website so that your users can find it easily.

Here are some important fact about Meetnow which will be beneficial to know.

  • It costs only $.005 for an hour long one to one Meetnow call.

  • It is a pay as you service which means you only pay for what you use without any monthly / yearly commitments (except the Enterprise plan).

  • We are providing free credits worth $10 for trying out our platform. $10 is enough to have 2000 hours of video calling using Meetnow!

  • As an organization dedicated to achieve customer delight, we are always there to listen to your inputs to find out ways to enhance your experience.

Why Meetnow is unique?

Is Meetnow all about one to one video discussions? No, Meetnow is much more than one to one video discussions. Some of the things which are unique to Meetnow are as described below.


A unique Meetnow page is designed for each organization where all users of the organization can manage their availability. Here a user can make himself / herself available to take Meetnow calls without sharing any kind of contact details with the visitor / guest. A carefully designed workflow makes the Meetnow call happen between the user and the visitor while saving the details of the Visitor like the email id, agenda for the discussion etc. This also has a mini CRM to view all the visitor requests with all relevant details that have happened till date.


Rooms are the virtual meeting / discussion rooms that enables a Meetnow call. Rooms come in different sizes, i.e. One to one rooms are dedicated for focused one to one discussions, conferencing rooms to host a video conference meeting involving a group of users and event rooms for hosting large scale virtual events which can have hundreds of participants participating in the event.


The core value that Meetnow provides over others is a detailed discussion analytics of each discussion irrespective of the format, i.e. one to one discussions, conferencing discussions and virtual events. This is very helpful in understanding details like who attended the discussion for how much time from which kind of device etc. along with other details. This also shows the total credits used by each discussion to the organization admin to add transparency.

Pay per use:

"Only pay for what you use" is our core philosophy behind Meetnow. It has been designed while keeping in mind that one can start as small as $10 with Meetnow(which we provide as free credit!) and keep growing his / her business by using Meetnow to streamline video meetings / discussions / virtual events etc. as per the need. There are no monthly / yearly commitments from the beginning as we understand that keeping one's costs low is super important at the beginning to bring sustainability. That's why we have fixed monthly costs based enterprise plans which provide more features which may be beneficial at a later point to the business to optimize costs further which may not be possible in the pay per use plan.

As a Website Owner/ Business Owner / Startup / Enterprise, you can use Meetnow to streamline your

  • Inbound / Outbound sales calls with integrated presence management

  • Focused one to one calls

  • Team meetings / discussions

  • Occasional virtual events / roadshows / product demos

Our goal at Meetnow is to bring purpose to every meeting/discussion/event with workflows and analytics. Have we achieved that yet? No. We have just started on this journey with the initial steps by bringing the uniqueness to video discussions by segregating discussions to various categories and creating a different workflow around each of them. With time and feedback from our esteemed customers, we aim to reach our goal in the due course of time. If you really think the goal we have set is important to you as well, do become one our customers and provide us your valuable feedback to build the needed workflows and analytics for your business.

We would love to provide a personal demo to anyone interest in knowing more about how Meetnow can really help them in streamlining their internal and external communications. As a first step, please signup here to test the platform out. In case of any doubts/concerns/feedback, please feel free to have an instant video discussion with one of us Or if none of us are available for instant discussion, schedule a call at your convenience, using this link.



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