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CP2P is a production grade general purpose p2p video call offering either as a managed service or as production ready application ready for customization/integration, from Centedge. It has all the basic features like mute/ un-mute , video on/off along with advanced features like role based controls, In call mic / camera change, and last but not the least auto re-connection in case of a network change from LTE to WiFi or vice-versa. If you are planning to build one to one teaching learning, video consulting, Doctor patient tele-medicine application, then this ready made application can save you months of effort by providing a ready to use production grade application with back-end and front-end ready for integration. Feel free to talk to our technical consultant using the Meetnow button or check the Live Demo.

Mute / Unmute

Mute / unmute the mic while in a call is an essential feature needed in any video call app. We have it implemented in cp2p to let the other party not listen what he/she needn't listen.

Role based Controls

Both the participant need not be friends hanging out in a video call. They may be an agent and a customer having an official conversation for a purpose.Here the agent may need to control the camera / mic of the customer. This is perfectly possible with cp2p.


Both the caller and callee in this application can have text chat with each other as the APIs for text chat is already available by default in this application.

Camera on/off

In call camera on / off is another important but necessary feature. It enables the user to switch off the camera when some private space is needed while a call is on.

In call camera/mic change

It is perfectly possible that an user has 2 cameras available and he/she started the call with camera 1. Mid call the user need to change to camera 2. This is perfectly possible in cp2p. The user can change from 1 mic to another mic while in call as well if more than 1 mic is available.

Auto reconnection

Bad network / network switchover ( LTE to WiFi / vice versa ) resiliency  is important for providing customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have built auto re-connection into cp2p so that the call can be reconnected without any kind of customer intervention in case of a network disconnection and re-connection.

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