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Centedge MeetNow

Centedge MeetNow is the fastest way to create video meetings with your Website visitors for a meaningful first engagement with them. Check detailed meeting analytics of the past MeetNow meetings to find suitable Website visitors with a higher probability of converting to customers. A pro-active yet meaningful first video meeting can create a positive impression on your Website visitors with a higher probability of conversion from a random Website visitor to a customer.

Audio, Video, Screen-share & more

As basic features audio, video, and screen sharing are available in MeetNow. Advanced features like in meeting mic/camera / speaker change are available for better convenience and control. Advanced features in the event rooms allow room moderators to let people join in participant mode by disabling their mic/camera sharing capabilities. Then the moderators can upgrade them to let them share their mic /camera for a certain period before downgrading them to block mic/camera sharing access. this is very useful for events to maintain the decorum among a large number of participants. 

Intuitive dashboard

An intuitive dashboard to manage your organization as an admin. The admin can view the call logs and visitor details of the past for all users of your organization, create and assign rooms to others for Meetnow meetings as well as other purposes, activate / deactivate other users in your organization, view all recordings for all users of your organization, purchase credits, set load-balancer settings and do other activities like these to run your organization smoothly using Meetnow.

Fully pay per use

Centedge MeetNow is fully pay per use service where you pay only for your actual usage without any kind of monthly/yearly commitments in our regular plans(except enterprise plan!). No credit card is required to start using the service with a $10 as a joining bonus for a limited period of time. This much credit is enough use the Meetnow services for 2000 hours!

Breakout rooms, Spotlight & Stage mode

Anytime in the meeting, the room can be divided into independent sub rooms for focused conversations around a theme. The sub rooms are called breakout rooms. Primarily useful for teaching & learning / fitness / online events industry. To spotlight is to put an meeting user in the center of attention for everybody else in the room. The stage mode allows to bring complete focus of all the meeting participants, on the currently active speaker with / without video, with / without screen-share.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are an integral aspect of how MeetNow is designed. Every room can have 2 security modes, a password mode where a password can be made required to join a room and a moderator authentication mode where a moderator authentication can be mandated to join a room. Though a moderator can switch on /off the mic and switch off the camera of all other participants in the room, but he /she can't switch on the camera of any other participant for privacy reasons.


MeetNow has recording as an optional feature which can be enabled / disabled  by admin on any room except personal rooms. If recording is enabled and used by the moderator to record a meeting, the process recorded video will be available in the respective users as well as the admin dashboard once it is uploaded to the cloud storage.

Feel free to have an instant call with one of our technical consultants to learn more about Centedge MeetNow using the MeetNow button below.

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