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 WebRTC Consulting

In this new world of post-covid-19, video collaboration is the new normal irrespective of the industry segment. As the work is going remote, video collaboration is a must to keep that human touch, though in a digital manner. A secure video collaboration tool is a need of the hour but there is no one size fits all tool available even today as every need is not the same. Building a video collaboration tool doesn't mean it should cost a lot of time and resources. There are very good open-source libraries available with their unique strength and weaknesses. But as the open source is not designed while keeping your unique needs in mind, a good amount of resources in terms of time and money need to be dedicated to creating a video conferencing system from scratch. We are here to help as a consultant in the complete life cycle of your product development for your unique use case.

We have expertise in Janus, Mediasoup, Kurento, Jitsi, Big Blue Button, GStreamer, FFMPEG, Amazon Chime, Vonage, Twilio, Agora, and Frozen mountain to name a few. We can help you with all layers of  WebRTC including pure WebRTC, cPaas, STUN, TURN, signaling servers, media servers, recording servers, and recording post-processing servers. We provide cutting-edge solutions and platforms to build a future-ready market-leading communication solution, specific to your requirements. 



We provide a host of WebRTC-related services to enable our customers' businesses to achieve more with video. Our services include 

  • WebRTC Architecture

  • WebRTC DevOps

  • WebRTC Code review & Bug fixing

  • Production grade WebRTC skeletons

  • WebRTC Post production support and enhancement 

Based on the years of experience we have with WebRTC and related technologies, we help our customers with the totality of their audio/video requirements. We provide multiple options to them and help them choose the right option suitable for them. Our journey typically starts with the first free introduction discussion and ends only after the application is stable in the production environment and the post-production support period is over.

Here is the link to schedule a free consultation discussion for your use case and get a free quote. It would be of great help if you fill up this form as well before or after scheduling the conversation.

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