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Crafting Video Experiences since 2016

Thank you for your interest in CentEdge. Life and the ways of living have changed dramatically in the beginning of this decade. Distance of miles has now been changed to meters. Thanks to the Video experience which made this change happen. Video provides an experience which makes physical travelling optional, be it for Work OR Learn OR Shop OR anything else. Though this change was forced upon all of us, we all are now realising the positive things this change has brought in, in terms of saving enormous amounts of time and resources not only for ourselves but also for our friends, family members, colleagues, employees, customers and last but not the least for our Mother Earth. This change to video experience is here to stay and will only accelerate in the near future for the benefit of all. In the near future, every product/ service that exists today, needs to provide a video experience to its customers, be it as an alternative or as the only option.

Who are we ?

We at CentEdge are crafting video conferencing softwares since 2014 and we here to help you provide video experiences to your customers while making the whole process of creation and integration as easy as eating a cake. We are here to prepare the video experience cake for you which you can take, add your product/ service icing to it, and serve your customers afresh.


How did we start ?

Centedge Consulting was started by Saurav Panda & team in 2020 after witnessing demand for video surge. He started with WebRTC and video in the year 2014. He made his first video conferencing app using WebRTC to hang out with his friends in September 2014. He created a live online classroom product, Epecate, in November 2015 to help teachers teach online. For the last 3 years, we have been helping startups and Enterprises build WebRTC based video conferencing / live streaming solutions, the right way, as expert consultants.

What do we love to do ?

As the real time communication needs are increasing in all kinds of products and services, WebRTC is transforming real time communication from a service to a feature. Now every Product /Service owner can add real time communication capabilities to his website or web application. Though WebRTC is free, a production grade real time communication application built on top of it, has a lot of moving parts which needs a good amount of time and resource investment. We at Centedge are here to reduce the barrier of entry like risk , development cost and time to market with our expertise & experience while reducing the friction for Products / Service owners to use real time communication capabilities .

Why did we build CVR (Centedge Video Room) ?

Building a video conferencing application is a complex thing to do if one wants to build from scratch. Even with existing video API providers, it is still not an easy job considering the amount of complexity one needs to deal with in order to build a stable production grade video conferencing application.Keeping these things in mind, We started building Centedge Video Room(CVR) for quick integration with ease of usage.

Centedge Video Room(CVR) is designed to provide that video experience to customers of your product / service. It has been designed with the cutting edge technologies available as of today while keeping the ease of integration, ease of usage and long term ownership in mind without compromising on flexibility and agility needed for different use cases.

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