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Cignal is an open source production grade WebRTC signalling server. It can be used for building p2p video calling applications which can be easily integrated to any application / website. This signaling server can handle 1000s of concurrent calls at the same time without much issue. It needs zero WebRTC knowledge to integrate video calling to any other application / website.Basic knowledge of web development technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript is sufficient to use this signaling server.

If you like our work, send us some love by providing a star in the github repo.


Open source

Cignal is open source to make life easy of basic web developers with knowledge of HTML,CSS and JS, who want to integrate p2p video calling into their application / website without having to learn WebRTC.

Production grade

The server side data structures are designed for production usage so that it can scale to 1000s of concurrent call without much issue along with apis to access the details of each individual call.

Ease of use

Ease of use and ease of integration with other application / website was the primary reason why we made Cignal open source. A web developer with basic knowledge of HTML,CSS & JS can use signal to build production grade video calling services with the cignal while having zero knowledge of WebRTC.

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