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Case Studies

In all the work we have done in the past, we worked on a few challenging assignments which we are listing down here as case studies. From the day we as a company came into existence, our core focus is always in solving deep technical problems in the domain of real time communication for our customers with the R & D mindset. We always strive to provide an excellent quality solution to our customers while honoring their  time and resource constraints with our innovative approaches. We are listing down a small subsection of all our work that we have done until now, which we found challenging, engaging, fulfilling, and rewarding. They are not in any particular order.



  • May 2022 - August 2022

  • 2 member team for architecture & implementation

  • Features including scalable one to one video calling solution for handling 1000s of concurrent calls for a vKYC use case by a couple of leading banks of South India

Pixl provides India's leading fully compliant video KYC software helps to onboard customers remotely to serve them instantly. It also facilitates the customer on-boarding process and reduces drop-offs. Pixl Video KYC service complies with all KYC and AML norms set by the RBI and SEBI. Our solution gives support to financial institutions with low bandwidth solutions for quick remote customer on-boarding. The scalable video engine which is at the core of the PIXL vKYC offering was conceptualized, architected and implemented by us.



  • December 2019 - October 2020

  • 3 member team

  • Features including video conferencing, recording, document signing

This assignment was about helping a German co-operative bank replace their low-footfall physical bank branches with video kiosk boxes. The video kiosk boxes would be hi-tech with motion sensors, large display devices and HD cameras so that it can detect presence and automatically connect to a customer support agent of the bank whenever a customer enters the kiosk box. Once connected with video, the customer can carry out all regular banking activities that were possible on a physical branch. 



  • November 2020 - February 2021

  • 2 member team

  • Designing a RTSP to RTP converter system. The video feeds come as RTSP from security camera and being converted to RTP on the fly for real time on demand distribution.

India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) is a transformative initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to provide a data exchange platform to Indian cities. IUDX serves as a seamless interface for data providers and data users, including ULBs, to share, request, and access datasets related to cities, urban governance, and urban service delivery. The platform has been developed by the Smart Cities Mission and is implemented by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.

IUVDX is the extension of IUDX which stands for Indian Urban Video Data Exchange. This is designed for managing and analyzing the video feeds being generated by thousands of security camera across cities where this system has been deployed.   



  • Fully made in India highly scalable video conferencing solution aiming to be the gold standard of video conferencing solutions currently available for specific use cases

  • December 2020 - Ongoing

  • 5 member team

  • Features including highly scalable video conferencing / interactive live streaming, 1 room can be on multiple servers, Scalable server side recording, Breakout rooms, Stage mode and many more features

Centedge Meetnow is an enterprise ready video application designed from scratch in India with love for a global customer base. It is designed from scratch to streamline the internal and external communication of an enterprise which currently uses different tools for different purposes. Meetnow can be used for inbound/outbound sales meetings, customer support meetings, regular team meetings,Large product demos / showcases, occasional events such as annual days, and many other such occasions while providing a detailed session analytics for each and every occasion irrespective of it's format. The core value proposition of Meetnow is that it provides the simplicity of Whatsapp like video calling with professionalism of a zoom meeting while providing a detailed meeting analytics for post meeting analysis and review.



  • March 2021 - July 2021

  • 1 member team for high level consulting

  • Architectural decision making and fine tuning important features

Goldcast is the digital events platform built for B2B marketers to host amazing brand experiences and drive revenue. It was started in the year 2020 and a meeting with us helped the founders decide upon the video stack to use for their virtual event platform. At a later point in time after the first version was released, the product was fine tuned by us for some important features related to video streaming.

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