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Centedge Video Rooms(CVR)

General-purpose video conferencing rooms built using CWLB and CR. It has been designed while keeping the flexibility and customization needs of modern-day businesses in mind. It is well suited for a wide variety of businesses including teaching-learning, fitness & yoga, banking & finance, etc. It has been designed in such a way that it can be extended at any time in case of a need. Ex. a customer queue can be integrated easily in case of a video customer support or Video KYC-like use case.

CVR Features

A Video Room that just works

A video room with all necessary features including meeting moderation, 3 joining modes(moderator, participant & viewer), screen sharing, recording, link sharing, chat etc. intelligent enough to let you join a meeting with just 1 - 2 clicks to carry out your daily meetings efficiently.

Moderator Approval before joining

Born Secure

Security is taken very seriously by us.Therefore moderator approval was designed before any other feature so that no unwanted guest can join a meeting!

Adopt a custom cutting edge ready made Video Solution for the Next Decade using CVR.

Contact us today to know How.

Virtual Events

Get a custom smart virtual event platform for free* without building it.

Education & Training

Create online learning applications with live Video Classes and Streaming for Remote Students.

Metaverse apps

Next gen video apps built to be part of the Metaverse

Video Commerce

Power up E commerce & Online Stores audience with emerging Live Video Streaming & Shopping experiences.

Video Conferences

Quality video conferencing at scale at a nominal cost

Enterprise Communication

On-premise / Cloud based Fully encrypted and secure internal / hybrid customisable video communication system

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