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Becoming a WebRTC developer

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

" How to become a WebRTC developer? "is the question many developers ask these days who want to learn this niche technology. The situation was not like this exactly 2 years ago and it was the technology of hobbyists and a very limited set of professionals working in video conferencing enterprises. Then COVID happened and the world started to run on video as strict social distancing measures along with lock downs were enforced through out the world. Everything started from shopping, learning, health checkups even marriages and funerals started to happen in an online video conferencing mode. WebRTC is the technology that made it possible to create video applications for all of these unique use cases. The demand for WebRTC developers skyrocketed since then, where as there are only a handful of skilled WebRTC developers are out there even today.Many enterprises / startups are going through a lot of pain these days to find good WebRTC developers.

As an early adopter and pioneer in the field of WebRTC, we also face a very similar situation, while trying to hire good WebRTC developers. In order to solve this problem, we will be starting to organise weekly / monthly events for students / experienced professionals where they will be briefed about the benefits of WebRTC as technology stack and how it can help them start / restart their career if they understand and master it.

If you are a student / experienced professional with < 5 years of experience/ then this online event is for you. The details are as below.

Topic: How to become a good WebRTC developer

Timing: Saturday evenings

Participants: 50 ( First come first serve basis)

Slack: Centedge

Please join the above slack link and then join the #webrtc-developers-den channel to get notified about the exact timing and meeting link to join the session. Here we also will post the learning materials, open source projects, developer/tester requirements from time to time.

PS: At Centedge we are working on a cutting edge virtual event platform which is currently in the testing environment. If you are interested in helping us test the platform thoroughly, then don't forget to join the #testing-captains slack channel as well.

We are looking forward to host you in the coming Saturday to help you become a good WebRTC developer. Feel free to ask us any question / doubt in slack, once you join the #webrtc-developers-den channel.



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