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Below mentioned are the list of features currently available in CVR. 

  • Unique shareable room link

  • Mic / Camera check before room join

  • Supports 3 joining modes(moderator / participant / viewer)

  • Option to join room with or without camera / mic 

  • In room mute/un-mute, camera on / off and change camera if more than 1 camera available 

  • In room Single screen share / multiple simultaneous Screen shares

  • In room Currently Active speaker detection

  • In room Real time individual bandwidth monitoring and display

  • In room, moderator controls to mute/un-mute, camera off and force remove other participants

  • Fully browser based with support for desktop / mobile browsers( Chrome and Safari )

  • Graceful fallback for non supporting browsers. Room won't start in a unsupported browser!

  • Server side recording with configurable recording strategy, either individual or merged or both

  • Static / dynamic room creation option from dashboard


Centedge Video Rooms (CVR)

Flexible and Configurable Video Rooms to fulfil your next generation of interactive needs in digital education, healthcare, communication, collaboration, commerce etc.

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