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Videoedge Magic rooms v2.0, now available for public beta at your nearest available Chrome browser!

As this post is being written, videoedge magic rooms v2.0 is now out and has opened it's doors for public beta starting from today i.e. 21/01/2021. The biggest change from v1 to v2 is that private rooms are now available for use with all the features that were available on our public demo room released in the v1 last month. As we were completely occupied with fixing the bugs reported by our early users, we didn't get any time to write a v1 release note. We are sorry for that. Going forward, we will try to write a release note for every major release. We also are hugely thankful to our early users who used the buggy v1 and gave us the important feedback in order to make the v2 possible.


Below are the list of primary features which are currently available and ready for use.

  • Unique shareable room link

  • Private meeting rooms for registered users. The public demo room is available as usual for all the non registered users.

  • Pre-call Camera /Mic / Speaker selection

  • Group conferencing up to 6 participants (Our code can handle up to 30 but our tiny demo server cannot !)

  • In call Mute/ Un-mute and camera on /off

  • Moderator mode for being able to authenticate users before joining the room

  • Moderator able to mute/ un-mute others, switch camera off of others (can't switch on others camera due to privacy concerns) and kick others out of the room

  • Viewer mode enabled for people to join as a viewer / listener only without participating in the ongoing discussion

  • Screen-share by one or more moderator or participant. Viewers can't screen-share!!

  • Publish an IP camera to the room for everybody to view. This is particularly useful for security and surveillance use cases where a video conferencing can be done to take real time decisions while viewing IP / cctv / drone cameras. Keep in mind that, it currently supports an input source in the RTSP format only.


Here is the link to the recently released videoedge magic rooms.

In case you are facing any issue with the videoedge magic rooms while using it or it is not working for some reason, don't hesitate to let us know the issue and we will try to fix it up with priority. In case you like it and want us to add a new feature for your use case, please let us know as well. We are reachable at



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