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Meet the new Centedge Magic rooms for all your upcoming meetings!

Centedge Magic room is here, finally! It was long last month where many battles had to be fought, both inside inside and outside of VS code(the code editor we use!) to reach here. The whole story will take it's own time to come out.

Now coming to straight to the point as this post is going to be a release note for our latest release. This is the most anticipated release from our side as it has all of the things needed to run a meeting, audio/video, screen sharing, recording, chat along with innovative room configuration options to configure your video rooms for any kind of use case from a intuitive dashboard.

Here are the key features.

  • Unlimited group meetings in personal room(without recording !)

  • Configure and use magic rooms with all features including recording

  • 2 configurable magic rooms with up-to 100 hours of usage and 1 GB of free cloud recording are included in the free plan

  • Option use it as a shared service at or have it at your own custom sub domain like as a dedicated service

  • Fully possible to host it in your own enterprise cloud / data centre

  • Perfectly possible to consider this as a base video room and build your own service on top of it with our custom support and customisation plans

  • All cutting edge things like Simulcast/SVC, Auto scaling of infrastructure based on demand, active speaker detection, real time bandwidth monitoring etc. are either already implemented or in the pipeline. To check simulcast implementation, join the room from a desktop and a mobile device to verify that they both are using different bit-rates (XX Kb/s) for the same user video.

Currently once either has to build a video conferencing service from scratch if one want to own the service but it needs a good amount of time, effort and expertise for the same. The other option is to rent out from somebody with less cost but you really can't own the service. Our goal is to provide you the best of both worlds where we let you own your own video conferencing service without renting it out as well as without spending a good amount of time and effort in building it. With us, you can own a video conferencing service within a day or 2 with resources as low as $$$$ / year and use it for unlimited time and unlimited users.

We also are working on a not for profit plan so that not for profit organisations looking for dedicated video conferencing applications for their needs can now adopt our dedicated solution at a unbelievable price of 1$$$ / year with support and up-to 3 customisation requests included in that plan. A separate detailed post will be shared in a couple of days with relevant details regarding this offering.

Here are the full set of features.

  • Unique room Link

  • Select Camera / Mic

  • Live streaming up-to 20 participants

  • Group conferencing up-to 12 participants

  • Mute/ Un-mute

  • Video On/Off

  • Option to join as presenter / viewer

  • Room Moderator settings

  • Screen share

  • Publish IP camera to meeting Room

  • web/mobile browser(Chrome/Safari)

  • Recording (Sever side Only)

  • Store recordings in AWS S3

  • Unlimited personal room usage (without recording!)

  • Create Static and / or Dynamic room from dashboard

  • Active speaker detection

  • Real time bandwidth monitoring

Note :- As we are running on a small scale infrastructure based on the available credits we have from AWS, the service may not be as great as a production grade video conferencing application. The purpose of this app is to let everybody know that there are guys like us also exist who build good things silently and let the app make noise at its own time. We know that we may not have reached there yet so that our app will make noise but we will reach there soon.

If you are looking for building a video conferencing app either for video banking, video insurance, video surveillance,video education or video health, do let us know. We will be super happy to help you build your own app or enhance your existing one to make it better. There is also another great option to adopt our service as a managed service for your own use case and build on top of it.

Here is the link to our latest video rooms:- Magic rooms

We are reachable on email at You also can chat with us using the chat widget on this website. We typically respond within 5 minutes or sooner for chat and 1 day (max.) for email . You can schedule a free 30 mins call with one of our senior consultants using this link for resolving your doubts/ concerns not only about our services but also about how your existing services using WebRTC for video conferencing or live streaming can be improved. Here is our LinkedIn page to stay connected.

Happy to help.



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