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Do you want to become a fully remote WebRTC professional and work with global clients from the comfort of your home. If yes, then please read on.

WebRTC is a game changing technology introduced and open-sourced by Google some 7 years back to make audio / video communication possible directly from a browser without having to install any additional software. with the current pandemic situation when everybody is going online, this is the most sought after technology in the current market. If you are planning to learn a new technology to switch your career or start your career, then you are thinking in the right direction. We are here to help you become a WebRTC professional and move ahead in your career. We will help you learn WebRTC and the MERN stack while working on real projects along with a mentor assigned to a group of aspiring WebRTC professionals. Once we confirm that the individual is ready to work independently, we deploy them to remote work opportunities with our global clients.


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